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Winter Worries: The Signs You Need a New Boiler

Posted on by DG Contracting

In our last post we discussed cost effective heating repairs to prevent a cold winter setting this year. With this in mind we thought it would be beneficial to advise you on the signs that your boiler may be on the way out and how to tell when it’s time to look at a replacement.

Like a diagnosis from a doctor, there may be tell-tale signs that your boiler is on its way out and spotting these early will prevent you from weeks’ worth of waiting for help to arrive.

1.    A water leak from the boiler

Water where is shouldn’t be is never a good sign in the home; not only can it cause copious amounts of damage but when it comes to your boiler, the result could be fatal. A water leak may escalate into something far more serious such as a carbon monoxide leak which if not sorted, could have disastrous effects.

2.    Hissing / Popping / Knocking

Any unusual noises from your boiler can be a sure fire sign that something is wrong such as uneven water distribution causing vibrations as they heat. This can lead to various problems, and at this time year, it is not worth leaving it to chance when heating and hot water are so crucial.

3.     Changes in Water Temp / Only working when heating is on

If your hot water only seems to work when the heating is on, or varies from hot and cold as it runs, it may require you to call in the professionals to look at your boiler. Even small signs like this can be triggers to something bigger so it’s worth getting it investigated ASAP.

So we hope these signs have been helpful and if you have any concerns, we at DG Contracting Ltd are more than happy to discuss this with you and arrange a visit to ensure your mind is at rest over Christmas. We are available via our contact form found on our Contact us page, or alternatively call us on the local number found at the top of our website.

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